Business Incentive Application Form

Complete this form to apply for funding for creating a new Registered Apprenticeship Program or adding an additional occupation in the industries of healthcare, information technology, or advanced manufacturing as determined by Iowa Workforce Development with consultation from the U.S. Department of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship (U.S.-DOL/OA). Here are the incentive guidelines:

  • The program and the apprentice must be registered with the U.S.-DOL/OA before applying for the incentive
  • The incentive is $350/per Registered Apprentice or $500/per Registered Apprentice who qualify as an underrepresented population as indicated on the Employment Training and Administration (ETA) Form 671 (women, minorities, veteran, youth, or people with disabilities) for Related Training Instruction or to purchase related training materials or equipment (i.e.: tools, computer, stethoscope)
  • Attach a copy of the Registered Apprentice's ETA Form 671 to the application to confirm hiring of the Registered Apprentice
  • Iowa Workforce Development will confirm with U.S.-DOL/OA the Registered Apprentice is officially registered in RAPIDS prior to the business receiving a contract for the funding
  • This project is subject to state’s procurement policy, which means no business may receive more than $4,000 in incentives and a signed grant agreement
  • Funds cannot be used to cover expenses that were also submitted to any other government agency for reimbursement
  • Registered Apprenticeship sponsors in Iowa are eligible to apply for this funding
  • The funding is available from July 6, 2018, through Oct. 31, 2020, unless the funds are depleted earlier