Maintenance Repairer, Build

Perform work involving the skills of two or more maintenance or craft occupations to keep machines, mechanical equipment, or the structure of an establishment in repair. Duties may involve pipe fitting; boiler making; insulating; welding; machining; carpentry; repairing electrical or mechanical equipment; installing, aligning, and balancing new equipment; and repairing buildings, floors, or stairs.

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Title City RA Program Proximity
Cedar Falls Utiity LU 61 Cedar Falls Automobile Mechanic, Cable Television Installer, Corrosion-Control Fitter, Electric Meter Repairer, Electrician, Maintenance, Electrician, Powerhouse, Gas-Meter Mechanic I, Gas-Regulator Repairer, Gas Appliance Servicer, Line Maintainer, Maint Mechanic (Any Ind), Maintenance Repairer, Build, Meter Repairer (Any Ind), Operating Engineer, Power-Plant Operator, Water Treatment Plant Operator, Welder, Combination
Iowa Department of Corrections Des Moines Baker (Bake Produce), Barber, Cabinetmaker, Carpenter, Computer Operator, Cook (Any Ind), Drafter, Mechanical, Electrician, Electroplater, Fabricator-Assembler Metal Prod, Home Performance Laborer Residential, Revised, Housekeeper, Com, Res, Ind, Industrial Sewing Machine Operator, Information Technology Specialist, Job Printer, Landscape Management Technician, Maintenance Repairer, Build, Material Coordinator, Office Manager/Admin Services, Painter (Const), Peer Specialist (Bureau Of Prisons Only), Plumber, Refrigration & Air Condition Mechanic, Screen Printer, Sewing Machine Repairer, Upholsterer, Welder, Combination