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Registered Apprenticeship Funding Opportunities

Iowa Registered Apprenticeship Act - 15B


The Iowa Apprenticeship Act (15B) provides annual funding to support training or ongoing costs within any active Iowa Registered Apprenticeship program. Funding available under this grant is based on the applicant’s proportionate share of the statewide total of qualified registered apprentices participating in a qualified registered apprenticeship program. A qualified apprenticeship program must be registered with the DOL/OA and the program must provide a minimum of 100 in-person contact hours to qualify for funding. 



Please Note: The updates and changes to the 15B (Iowa Apprenticeship Act) contracts for the 2024 calendar year are now available. Please view the PDF document linked below for a summary of the changes. The application period for 2024 15B grants will reopen on January 1, 2024, and more information will be available soon. For any questions, please contact IWD at


The application period for 15B funding is currently open to any Iowa-registered DOL/OA sponsor or lead sponsor for the previous training year (Jan-Dec). For more information, contact us at or use our contact form.

The 2023 15B Awardees have been announced and 63 recipients received funding.

Previous Awardees: 
View the 2022 15B awardees


  • Registered Apprenticeship Funding Programs FAQ
  • Registered Apprenticeship 15B Development Fund
  • Apprenticeship 15B Manual
  • Registered Apprenticeship 15C Development Fund


Iowa Registered Apprenticeship Development Fund - 15C


The Iowa Apprenticeship Act (15C) provides annual funding to support the growth of new Registered Apprenticeship programs, particularly programs that feature high-demand occupations. These competitive grants are available annually for RA programs that create a new program with an eligible high-demand occupation or add an eligible high-demand occupation to their existing program.


The application period for 15C funding is  currently open to any Iowa-registered DOL/OA sponsor who has established a Registered Apprenticeship in a new high demand occupation in the previous training year (Jan-Dec). For more information, contact us at or use our contact form

The 2023 15C Awardees have been finalized and 25 recipients received funding.


An second 15C application period was opened in 2023, and IWD awarded $85,090 in grant funding to five awardees, which were the following:

  • Advanced Electrical, LLC
  • Bauer Plumbing and Heating LLC
  • MercyOne Dubuque -Program #1
  • MercyOne Dubuque-Program #2
  • Short Staffed

The 2023 15C Awardees sheet has been updated to list all awardees from both application periods.

Previous Awardees: 
View the 2022 15C Awardees



For more information, contact us at or use our contact form.


Iowa Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Program

What is the Iowa Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Program? 

The Iowa Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Program is a grant opportunity aimed at addressing the workforce needs of the health care sector. Program funding helps jumpstart a high school-based registered apprenticeship program (either new or existing) that accelerates the pathway into the health care field.  

First introduced last year, Iowa’s Health Careers pilot supported RA programs that help students pursue nursing pathways. This year’s program greatly expands opportunities for health care apprenticeships to include EMTs, RN’s, Direct Support Professionals, Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse Specialists, and other critical areas. Governor Kim Reynolds announced during her Condition of the State address a new $15 million round of funding targeted at growing Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs across high-demand fields in health care. 

Applications for this year’s Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Grant Program will be accepted on beginning on January 11. The deadline for applications will be March 9, 2023 at noon.

Resources: Health Careers Webinar

A grant webinar took place on January 27 to highlight the application process and answer questions. Here are resources from the webinar:

Webinar Recording (YouTube)

Webinar Slides (PDF)

Webinar Q & A (PDF)

Previous Awards Announced - June 28, 2022

Governor Kim Reynolds has announced the 2022 awardees for the Iowa Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Grant. 8 school districts have been awarded, with 22 total districts participating. In total, those receiving funding will support an estimated 450 apprentices in the health care sector.


Teacher & Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship (TPRA)

Visit the Teacher & Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship program page

What is the Teacher & Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship Program?

The Teacher & Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship Program is a new grant opportunity that provides additional opportunities for current high school students and adult paraeducators to earn credentials all while learning and working in the classroom. 

Current high school students will be able to earn a paraeducator certificate and associates degree, and paraeducators will be able earn their bachelor's degree. The program will begin in the 2022-2023 school year.  

Awardees Announced - June 9, 2022

Governor Reynolds has announced the awardees for the 2022 Teacher & Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship Program grant. 19 districts were awarded with a total of $45.6 million (note: several awarded districts have multiple partnered districts listed).

Recent Headlines

Funding Information

The Iowa Department of Education (DOE) and Iowa Workforce Development Agency (IWD) will use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to create the model program which will train and educate current high school students and paraeducators for the next step in their teaching careers while they learn, work, and get paid in Iowa schools. 

Covered Costs

Paraeducator program tuition and full salary for students working as an aide and 50% of salary when working for the district as a classroom aide after graduation and completing coursework (Maximum $40,500 per participant)

Teacher preparation program tuition and 50% of salary while working for the district as a paraeducator and completing coursework (Maximum $47,000 per participant) In order to be eligible for grant funds in the teacher track, a candidate must be a certified paraeducator or have an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree.

Adding of New DistrictIf an awarded Sponsor district that is part of a larger consortium chooses to request an additional Partner district(s) to join their established consortium after the initial award, the additional district(s) and/or apprentice(s) will have no effect on the total awarded amount.

The additional district(s) wishing to join an established consortium must submit a letter of request to the Sponsor district formally requesting to become a Partner district under the consortium.  If the Sponsor district chooses to add the district(s) to the consortium, the Sponsor district must submit a formal letter of support to Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) requesting to add the additional district(s) as a formal Partner district under the awarded consortium.

The requested Partner district(s) must have an MOU agreement with a higher education partner (RTI) included with their request that is an established RTI provider within the consortium.  No new RTI providers will be eligible to be added to the consortium based on the additional district(s).  The MOU agreement must contain the same requirements as stated in the contract agreement between IWD and the Sponsor district. 


More Information

Guidance: Iowa Workforce Development and the Iowa Department of Education (IDE) will host a webinar for awardees to discuss next steps. 

For more information, contact us at or use our contact form.



TPRA Welcome Webinar 

Video file

TPRA Welcome Webinar Slide Deck



TRPA Webinar I - Fiscal Agents and Contracts Video

Video file




State Expansion Grant 2020 


$1,500 per Registered Apprentice in the sector of healthcare, agriculture, or an industry or apprentice affected by COVID.  


Submit an application at: 


Funding expires on June 30, 2023. 


For more information, contact us at or use our contact form.


WIOA Title I Youth Program 


Funds are determined and associated to eligible participants. Each Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) has established funding limits regarding the amount and duration of services to a participant unique to their LWDA. 


Participants can apply at any time by contacting their local IowaWORKS Center. IowaWORKS Center locations can be found online at: 


Funds for youth services are allocated to states and local areas by the United States Department of Labor annually. 


Visit or email


Additional Federal Funding Opportunities 

To find out additional federal funding opportunities, please visit:

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